What is Cremation Service of Western New York?

Cremation Service of Western New York can provide you with answers to many commonly aked questions about cremation. Our goal is to provide detailed comprehensive information regarding cremation and the services we can provide for you.

Since 1991, Cremation Service of Western New York has been offering Direct Cremations as a dignified, cost effective alternative to traditional funeral services. Our staff of NYS Licensed Funeral Directors have more than 35 years experience accommodating families both pre-need and at need.

Our mission is very simple . . .

To honor your wishes and provide your family with simple, dignified and a meaningful service.
As a family owned, locally operated company, we are not associated with any other cremation service, nor are we a large corporation. This allows us to provide you with personalized service at reasonable prices.

Why choose cremation?

Choosing any type of funeral service is highly personal and with Cremation Service of Western New York we respect and honor your wishes.

Cremation is accepted by almost all religious denominations and fraternal orders. Cremation appeals to many people, some for economic reasons and others for the simplicity of this method of disposition. With more information being available and wider acceptance of cremation, many people view cremation as the service of choice.